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Well once again, I am immersed in the world of language teaching, after a several year absence. For those who don’t know me personally, I taught English in both New York and Barcelona. Living in Barcelona was amazing–jamon, cava, pa tomaquet, FC Barcelona (who didn’t win a thing while I was there!), beach, playa, platja, etc…

No wonder I stayed there seven years.

However the experiences of being a local teacher in New York and an expat in Barcelona were very different.

When teaching in NYC, I often found myself asking my students, who came from all over the world, about their customs, food, culture, and way of life. It was endlessly fascinating. I learned as much as my students did.

When I moved to Barcelona, teaching English gave me instant access to the local way of life. But after a while I got used to it and really missed the diversity of teaching in NYC.

One reason that I’m excited about this project, is that it gives expat English teachers the chance to interact with students from other cultures. My hope is that students and teachers from all over the world can find each other, and learn something while building connections and even friendships.

I think it’s a cool idea.

–Jamie Penkethman

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